Breakdowns - we all have them...

but we have learned not to listen to them.

Let's change that.

Many of us have been taught that our breakdowns are barriers to success and happiness.

What we were not told is that, when things are breaking down, important wisdom is waking up. 

The world needs to hear this wisdom, so let's discover it together.

Ready to discover the wisdom within your distress?

Unconventional wisdom.

Rebellious vulnerability.

Maverick leadership.

Psst...guess what? 

  1. Our distress is a driver of success, not a barrier to it. 

  2. Our personal and professional lives are inherently connected. 

  3. Our individual experiences hold critical insights to solve broader collective challenges.

My breakdown: rocketfuel for connection & entrepreneurship

I am Meg Mateer, a former management consultant, a social entrepreneur and an organizational psychologist. 3 years ago I quit a six figure job and moved abroad to start my own business developing human-centered innovation programs for mission driven organizations. 

I did this fuelled by the wisdom, energy and power sparked from my depression.

What? Did I say that right? Depression as a source of wisdom? Anxiety as a source of power? 


A misconstrued, pathologized, misunderstood SUPERPOWER.


I help high performing passion driven professionals who struggle with anxiety and depression learn how to discover the wisdom and power within their distress so they can use this energy as a catalyst rather than a barrier to their growth and leadership. I know that the wisdom, power and energy people can get from their distress is crucial for personal AND global transformation.


Distress as a key to success. Storytelling as activism. Breaking down as wisdom waking up.

Ready to discover the wisdom in your distress? 

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In a safe group setting, learn practices to find the wisdom waking up in your own experiences of breakdown. 

Get personalized coaching 

Ready to transform but want to do it on your own time? coaching sessions are one-on-one sessions that help you discover your own breakdown wisdom.


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Each week, join me to hear the groundbreaking wisdom within our most challenging life stories. Executives from major corporations are boldly sharing their stories of breaking down, coaches and entrepreneurs are showing how their break down wake up experiences were the inspiration behind their businesses, and leaders are showing how sharing these stories has led them to better, deeper conversations in the business world.

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