Breaking down is wisdom waking up

transform distress into fuel for personal and professional growth



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Listen to leaders who share personal stories of the groundbreaking wisdom waking up when they experienced distress. Learn ways to reframe your own experiences of distress.

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Learn how to transform your own distress into wisdom for personal insight and sustainable transformation along with other ambitious maverick leaders.

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Work one-on-one in intimate and personalized sessions to dive deeper into specific wisdom waking up within your distress.

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More effectively navigate disruption in a compassionate, empowered way.

It's time to listen to our distress and ask ourselves what deeper truth it's trying to tell us about our lives, our relationships, our organizations and our world.

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the approach

Unconventional wisdom

Your distress is an intelligent alarm system - signaling to you when things in your life, profession, organization, or relationships need your attention - and need to shift. Learn how to listen to this intelligent source of  insight.

Discovery based transformation

When you connect to your distress, you are connected to yourself. You'll begin choosing relationships, careers, projects, organizations, and pathways forward that align with you, not what society has told you to be.

Personal and global shifts

The wisdom within your distress is the key to both deeper self compassion and conscious global activism. If you want to find the wisdom needed for a collective waking up, you can start by discovering the messages in your own distress.

Experience unshakable freedom

When you learn to find the wisdom within your struggle (trust me, its always in there!!!), then you'll be free to take risks and be more authentic, knowing that whenever struggle or distress is in sight, it has important lessons for you. Take back your inner power to heal and grow yourself.

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Hi! I'm Meg Mateer,

A former management consultant turned social entrepreneur and organizational psychologist.

I work with high performers and noticed that many of them had struggled with some form of distress along the way that they felt held them back.

But when they leveraged the wisdom within their distress, they were able to transform personally and professionally.

I can relate, because I was one of those high performers.

One of my biggest life teachers was my experience of depression. I'm now on a mission to help you discover the world changing wisdom within your distress.

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Anton Hygenus

Entrepreneur & Musician

“It was pretty dramatic how drastically things shifted for me specifically in relation to my intention. The framework that Meg provides is very useful to identify things that you are doing unconsciously and move that into your conscious center so you can be more mindful of decisions you’re making when otherwise it might seem like you're on autopilot. I also really enjoyed hearing perspectives from people that were from different parts of the world and just realizing that there is so much commonality between us all.”   

Chad Fontaine

Executive Leader

“My experience with Meg both one-on-one and in the group sessions has been evolutionary for me. Meg gave us time to think and reflect to better ourselves personally and professionally.  I have learned tools that will help me in 2021 and beyond.”

Elena Steen


“This program has truly taught me to be compassionate with all sides of myself and stay present and curious in my discomfort - I am now more connected with my inner compass and can make decisions from clarity and peace of mind towards what I love. It has helped me gain confidence in taking action. I now believe I can make an impact in my passions for helping people and conserving the environment.”

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