Unconventional Wisdom.

Rebellious Vulnerability.

Maverick Leadership.


An empowering approach to pain, struggle, and disruption

Our breakdowns dismantle old ways of being in order to discover what was missing all along. Our breakdowns are strong signals for individual and collective shifts.

Our individual distresses act as an alarm system, clueing us not only into a deeper level of self awareness, but signaling broader structural and systemic problems whose complexity surfaces in our experience.

When we are busy suppressing our distress, we get disconnected from our core. In the midst of this disconnection, we are more at risk of choosing relationships, careers, projects, organizations, and pathways forward that do not align with us. 

By connecting with our distress, we can tap into the wisdom within these important alarm signals, to be more aligned with ourselves and what we need. 

The wisdom within our distress is the key to both deeper self compassion and conscious global activism.

Our Philosophy

Your distress is a driver of success, not a barrier to it.

Your personal and professional lives are inherently connected.

Your individual experiences carry critical insights to solve broader collective challenges.

Hey, I'm Meg Mateer.

One of my biggest life teachers was my experience of depression. I'm now on a mission to help you discover the world changing wisdom within your distress.

My Story

I've had my fair share of breakdowns. 

For most of my life, whenever I experienced distress, I felt confused, frustrated and wanted to find a way out. 

I tried to deny, hide, numb, shove under and jump over my pain. After all, I learned that my anger, my self doubt, my depression, my workaholism, my perfectionism, my heartbreak, my binge eating, my anxiety, were all things I had to fix in order to be successful and happy. 

But at some point, I realized that everything I tried was not working. I was exhausted, lonely, defeated, and my pain was still there. 

I got to a point where I had to ask myself - why am I spending so much energy fighting my distress only to feel more defeated? 

So I did something...unconventional.

I started listening to my pain. 

It took courage, but whenever I started listening to my distress rather than trying to fix it...guess what happened?

I got breakthrough insights.

I started new projects.

I developed deeper connections.

I became more authentic and whole. 

I was SHOCKED! How could this be?  

It was then that I realized that I was taught the wrong story.  

I was told, like many of us were,  that my distress - my frustration, anxiety, disappointment, heartbreak, addictions, anger, conflict, grief - was the problem.   

I realized that my distress was not the problem, but a signal, a sort of inner intelligence helping to show me my path, keep me from veering off course, and point out things to watch out for. 

Then I learned that many of the most interesting innovative thinkers and leaders are the ones who have embraced their distress and used it to share their truth, start new projects, and transform their connections.

I believe that if we want to change this world that is breaking down, we have to start listening to the wisdom within each and every one of us. That's why I started this project.

My work is informed by 15 years of learning from psychology, personal development, anthropology, my work as a facilitator and coach, inspiring stories from my podcast guests, and my own life experience as an ambitious professional discovering the wisdom within my own depression and anxiety (two of my biggest teachers).

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