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Hey, I'm Meg Mateer.

I am a former management consultant turned organizational psychologist and social entrepreneur.  

One of my biggest life teachers was my experience of depression. I'm now on a mission to help you discover the world changing wisdom within your distress.

Helping ambitious individuals and organizations effectively navigate times of tension. 

I help my clients confront patterns that may be holding them back from reaching the next level, and learn to use those “weaknesses” instead as intelligent resources to integrate and level up in their personal and professional worlds.

My clients have learned to embrace the inner and outer tension in their lives and use it as a source of personal insight, professional growth, and inspiration for new ways of living and working. They also learn a framework and skills that can be practiced and applied far beyond our work together.

My work bridges professional development and personal exploration, connects dominant narratives with unheard stories, and combines tangible and intuitive ways of thinking and working. I combine proven psychological theories and frameworks, like Voice Dialogue, Jungian Psychology and Shadow Work, Deep Democracy, TheoryU, Design Thinking, Non-Violent Communication, and Liberating Structures.

I draw upon 15 years of learning from social psychology, personal development, anthropology, my work as a facilitator and coach, inspiring stories from my podcast guests, and my own life experience as an ambitious professional discovering the wisdom within my own depression and anxiety (two of my biggest teachers).

I believe the smartest, most interesting innovative thinkers and organizations are the ones who have embraced their distress and used it to share their truth, start new projects, and transform their connections.

I know that if we want to change this world that is breaking down, we have to start listening to the wisdom within each and every one of us.

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Who I work with



I work with ambitious people who have already achieved a level of success but are looking to optimize or better align their life and/or work.

My clients tend to be corporate hippies, activists, out-of-the-box thinkers, social entrepreneurs and other bridge builders.



I work with organizations who know that their biggest asset is their people and are interested in harvesting the collective wisdom within them. These organizations may feel held back by things like disruption, conflict, or high turnover rates, and want to use these points of tension as opportunities for transformation and greater resilience.

Social causes


My work extends beyond the workplace as I’m committed to serving projects that are making a difference in the world. I help social projects that are trying to solve major global issues like climate change, mental health, racism and inequality use the wisdom of collective distress to inform new innovative solutions to these complex challenges. 

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My Story


I've had my fair share of breakdowns. 

For most of my life, whenever I experienced distress, I felt confused, frustrated and wanted to find a way out. 

I tried to deny, hide, numb, shove under and jump over my pain. After all, I learned that my anger, my self doubt, my depression, my workaholism, my perfectionism, my heartbreak, my binge eating, my anxiety, were all things I had to fix in order to be successful and happy. 

But at some point, I realized that everything I tried was not working. I was exhausted, lonely, defeated, and my pain was still there. 

I got to a point where I had to ask myself - why am I spending so much energy fighting my distress only to feel more defeated? 

So I did something...unconventional.

I started listening to my pain. 

It took courage, but whenever I started listening to my distress rather than trying to fix it...guess what happened?

I got breakthrough insights.

I started new projects.

I developed deeper connections.

I became more authentic and whole. 

I was SHOCKED! How could this be?  

It was then that I realized that I was taught the wrong story.  

I was told, like many of us were,  that my distress - my frustration, anxiety, disappointment, heartbreak, addictions, anger, conflict, grief - was the problem.   

I realized that my distress was not the problem, but a signal, a sort of inner intelligence helping to show me my path, keep me from veering off course, and point out things to watch out for. 

Then I learned that many of the most interesting innovative thinkers and leaders are the ones who have embraced their distress and used it to share their truth, start new projects, and transform their connections.

I'm committed to helping many others learn how to transform their distress into wisdom for growth. 

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