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Ep 14 - Discovering her inner compass through loss with Lene Rachel Andersen

Jan 27, 2021

How the unexpected death of her mother at a young age helped a futurist thinker and philosopher finally pursue her professional dreams and realize her potential. 

Lene Rachel Andersen almost always felt like she did not fit in. She was brilliant and had a lot to offer, but growing up she felt really different from the other kids. She spent years trying to have the "normal package" - a normal job, a normal family, a normal house.

She was working as a secretary after finishing her business degree, on the path to normalcy, when her mom suddenly fell ill.

In the 10 months that she was caring for her mother in a coma, Lene had a wake up call. She came so close to the impermanence of life and she realized it was time for her to live up to her potential. Within one year of her mother's passing, she began her dream of writing comedy and studying theology. She now writes and speaks about some of our biggest global challenges and how we can shift the foundation of education and development to further our societies.

In this episode, we explore the importance of balancing connection to ourselves with connection to our social groups with collective norms and values, the importance of engaging with aesthetic material like stories, art and music in order to better understand ourselves, and how personal development of a critical mass of people can shift the success of an entire country.

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