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Ep 15 - Exploring alternate realities to get healing with Oryx Cohen

Jan 27, 2021

How experiencing extreme states of consciousness helped a non-profit chief operating officer process childhood challenges, improve his marriage and shift his approach to leadership 

Oryx Cohen was a leader in an organization training people to better support those in an emotional crisis. He knew about the value of these periods because he experienced several extreme states of consciousness throughout his life.

So when he entered an altered state of consciousness suddenly at the end of leading a large conference, he saw this as an opportunity to wake up. In the midst of psychological space travel, he processed the devastating grief of his parents divorce and realized that his wife was indeed his soulmate.

In this episode, we explore the value that extreme states of consciousness have in processing unresolved trauma, how we can ground ourselves when we are feeling disconnected through physical touch and present attention, and how feeling connected to people and things influence our care and investment in them.

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