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Ep 20 - Hearing harmony within diversity with Dmitriy Gutkovich

Jan 27, 2021

How his experience hearing voices helped an ambitious rising leader find inner peace and explore a variety of perspectives on how to foster broader harmony.

From an early age, Dmitriy Gutkovich had his sights on politics and public service - he dreamed of being a senator and making an impact for the broader world. His ambition took him to an Ivy League school and set him up on the fast track to traditional leadership. But during his studies, he began hearing voices, an experience which opened him up to radically new philosophical phenomena. 

While he experienced his voices as an interesting and rich aspect to his life, posing insightful challenges and interesting perspectives, he quickly realized that the rest of the world had a limited understanding and view of this experience. So he shifted his social impact focus from the public at large as a politician, to being a public voice for voice hearers and educating the broader collective about this experience. 

In this episode, we explore the inner diversity that exists within all of us and how acknowledging and engaging with this helps us become more whole, the importance for everyone of holding our beliefs and thoughts lightly and considering different perspectives, and how experiencing personal paradigm shifts builds skills to manage broader, global upheaval. 

You can reach out to Dmitriy via his email, [email protected]. If you would like to learn more about his book, Life with Voices: A Guide for Harmony, you can check it out on amazon here:

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