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Ep 22 - Investing in the advantages of age with Suzanne Noble

Jan 27, 2021

How suddenly losing her income in the pandemic inspired a serial entrepreneur to help other people over 50 start their own businesses. 

Suzanne Noble had a successful 20 year career in public relations - but when she decided to sell her business and start a tech company, she faced blatant skepticism and discrimination for being an older female founder. After years running her own business, it was the first time she felt really excluded. So she wondered whether she was the only one feeling this way, and decided to build a community that celebrated the wisdom and importance of older age. 

Then, after launching several businesses that focused on serving the over 50s market, in the midst of the pandemic, she lost all of her sources of income. After pivoting her business and her skills several times throughout her career, she was challenged to, once again, find new paths forward. So when she listened to the wisdom waking up within her, she realized that she could take a new business idea online - one that helped other over 50 year olds who had lost their jobs learn the ropes of building their own businesses. 

In this episode, we explore the importance of lived experience in life and business, how diversity in the startup ecosystem boosts the level of possible innovation, and the value of creating networked intelligence that move beyond typical siloed ways of creating new ideas and products.  

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