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Ep 26 - Five types of wisdom we can discover from listening to our distress - solo episode!

Jan 27, 2021

What kind of wisdom can we get from exploring our distress? This episode is for people, teams, and organizations who want to learn why its worth it to explore and share our experiences of distress and how this exploration makes a deep and lasting positive impact.

We've been taught that disruption, confusion, anxiety, depression, and loss is not worth listening to, and many institutions who support this idea simply want to hand over a quick fix and help you reduce that

But by reaching for a solution to solve our unease, we miss the whole point of the distress in the first place - to help us live more whole, free lives. To help us run more balanced, effective successful and sustainable businesses.

If breaking down is indeed wisdom waking up, what kind of wisdom is actually in our distress?

Here's the types of things you may discover: 

  1. Finding balance - Something in your life, or in your organization is out of balance - your distress signals you to move out of a rigid fixed way of being and into more freedom 
  2. Meeting needs - There is an unmet or unacknowledged need that runs deep and needs attention
  3. Processing critical events - A critical life or organizational event needs to be processed so that you can incorporate the lessons from this experience but not be 
  4. Shifting Relationships- Relational tension or conflict is signaling a need to get out of a dynamic that is no longer serving your connection  
  5. Making social impact - There is a possibility to shift outdated and hurtful cultural narratives and make an impact in the broader societal change needed

It's not easy, but if together we can be brave enough to dive into our distress,  sustainable conscious change is possible.

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