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Ep 31 - SOLO EPISODE - Sharing insights from the last 9 episodes

Jan 27, 2021

How can our distress inspire activism, career shifts, and new businesses?  

In the latest episode, I highlight some of the biggest insights that have been inspired from the last 9 episodes. I also share my perspective on how these themes can help us solve personal, professional, and broader collective challenges.

In the last nine episodes I interviewed a world famous thought leader, a serial entrepreneur, a psychology researcher, and a wellness and diversity equity and inclusion advocate who shared a range of break down wake up stories, from pregnancy discrimination to family separation, and from dissociation to feeling disillusioned about institutions and careers.

In my reflection, I note some of the broader perspectives that arise from these stories. For example, I touch on the importance of paying attention to our breakdowns in order not only to listen for the wisdom waking up in ourselves, but to find wisdom that can shift organizations and societies.

I also highlight some of the frames that I introduce in the four solo episodes - episodes specifically designed to help you discover the wisdom within your own distress.

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