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Ep 32 - FINAL EPISODE SEASON 1 Break Down. Wake Up. podcast :)

Jan 27, 2021

Season 1 of the Break Down. Wake Up. podcast is officially complete!

In this episode, I take a look back on the last 31 episodes and give you a broad overview of what we've covered in this season.

You'll also hear my personal story about how this project was born (hint: it has to do with my own breakdowns) and how global disruption actually helped put the project into the world.

At the end of the episode, you'll get a perspective-shifting frame that will help you begin to see the wisdom within your own distress.

If you haven't done so already, I highly encourage you to go back to episodes you haven't yet heard and tune into ones that may not initially attract your attention. Every episode is an incredibly powerful story that is packed with lessons coming from people who've lived them.

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