Transform your distress into fuel for personal growth and global impact.

We've been taught that our difficult feelings are taboo.

For ambitious high performers, the pressure to appear like we’ve got it all together can feel even stronger.

The sea of change now can feel paralyzing, moving too fast to even begin to know where to start.

And as confusion, frustration and pain grow, it takes a huge amount of energy to suppress these feelings. The disconnect between our own inner world and our outward appearance creates a disconnection between ourselves and others.

But imagine that this distress is a painful but powerful way to wake us all up...

It takes courage, but when maverick leaders begin to hear the wake up signals within their distress...guess what happens?

They get breakthrough insights.

They start new projects.

They develop deeper connections.

They become more of their authentic, whole selves.

Want to learn how you can do the same?

You'll learn how to...

  • Turn pain from distress into direction and drive in your current career, or use it to catalyze a new venture or social impact project

  • Develop deep, authentic personal and professional relationships that grow stronger through adversity or tension

  • Reclaim your own unique personal meaning in your experience, going beyond the status quo

  • In the midst of a period of distress, quickly get insights, get unstuck and get into action towards your personal and professional growth 

  • Boldly share your experience and inspire others who are experiencing disruption

If we want to solve complex global challenges,

we must first understand our own inner complexity.

How it works...

8 weeks | online | next cohort starts Feb 2021

  • Intimate group of inspiring professionals (max 8 participants) 

  • Weekly live group coaching calls  

  • Practical exercises to integrate what you're learning in the live sessions

  • Flexible schedule specifically designed for busy people

  • 3 one-on-one coaching sessions  


  • Unlimited access to the Break Down. Wake Up. methods and practices

  • An individual focus on achieving your own personal, professional and relationship goals

We'll work closely together to unlock the wisdom within your distress and use it to help not only transform your life and relationships but also to inspire new solutions to the broader challenges that you care most about. 

Who am I and why did I start this program?

Hi! I'm Meg Mateer, a former management consultant turned social entrepreneur and organizational psychologist.

I work with high performers in their fields - and I saw that many of them had struggled with some form of distress along the way that they felt held them back. But when they leveraged the wake up signals within their distress, they were able to transform personally and professionally.

I can relate, because I was one of those high performers. Three years ago I quit my management consulting job, moved abroad and founded my own company, Empatiko, a consulting organization dedicated to reviving human connection in business and beyond. I did this fueled by the wisdom, energy and power sparked from my own breakdown. (Yes, you heard that right ;) ). 

I realized that many of the smartest, most interesting innovative thinkers and leaders are the ones who have embraced their distress and used it to share their truth, start new projects, and transform their connections. In the Break Down. Wake Up. podcast, I showcase their stories and share their wisdom.  


I believe that if we want to change this world that is breaking down, we have to start listening to the wisdom within each and every one of us. That's why I started this program.

Want to learn more?

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