Transform your distress into wisdom for growth

emotional system intelligence training for high performers

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Learn how to more effectively navigate times of tension in work and life


The Break Down. Wake Up program is a practical training that gives ambitious individuals actionable techniques and frameworks to feel empowered during disruption or distress in their personal or professional lives.  

In this program you’ll confront patterns that may be holding you back from reaching the next level, and learn to use those “weaknesses” instead as intelligent resources to integrate and level up in your personal and professional worlds.

You’ll learn how to embrace the inner and outer tension in your life and use it as a source of personal insight, professional growth, and inspiration for new ways of living and working. The framework and skills that you’ll learn can be practiced and applied far beyond participation in the program.

Designed to combine both group and individual sessions over eight weeks, you’ll learn from and connect with other high performing professionals in an inspiring and intimate setting.

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Who can most benefit from this program?


The program is designed for ambitious people who have already achieved a level of success but are looking to optimize or better align their life and/or work. 

If you are in this place of growth, but feel like you are held back by negative thought-patterns, indecision, social anxiety, difficulty with social relationships or integrating your work and personal lives, and/or hesitance to make large life changes or step outside of your comfort zone, you are likely ready for the Break Down. Wake Up program.

You'll learn how to…

  • Turn tension from distress into insight, direction and drive in your personal and professional life
  • Develop deep, authentic personal and professional relationships that grow stronger through adversity or tension‚Äč
  • Reclaim your own unique personal meaning in your experience, going beyond the status quo


  • Practice practical compassion - a way of relating to yourself and the world that allows you to hear even the darkest parts 
  • Use specific techniques in the midst of a period of distress to embrace what sucks and get unstuck 
  • Boldly share your experience and inspire others who are experiencing disruption

How it works...    8 weeks | online | next cohort starts May 2021

  • Intimate group of inspiring professionals (max 6 participants) 
  • Weekly live group coaching calls  
  • Practical exercises to integrate what you're learning in the live sessions
  • Flexible schedule specifically designed for busy people
  • 3 one-on-one coaching sessions  
  • Unlimited access to the Break Down. Wake Up. methods and practices
  • An individual focus on achieving your own personal, professional and relationship goals

We'll work closely together to unlock the wisdom within your distress and use it to help not only transform your life and relationships but also to inspire new solutions to the broader challenges that you care most about.

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Your Coach

Hi! I'm Meg Mateer, a former management consultant turned social entrepreneur and organizational psychologist.

‚ÄčI believe that the smartest, most interesting innovative thinkers and leaders are the ones who have embraced their distress and used it to share their truth, start new projects, and transform their connections.

After all, one of my biggest life teachers was my experience of depression. I'm now on a mission to help you discover the world changing wisdom within your distress.

I believe that if we want to change this world that is breaking down, we have to start listening to the wisdom within each and every one of us.

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