Live online group transformation

Wake up the world changing wisdom that lies within your breakdowns. Along the way, learn new tools, practices, and connect to a community of other inspirational mavericks. 

Are you ready to wake up?

Learn powerful tools and frameworks from psychology, philosophy, cognitive science and personal development developed by psychologists, artists, researchers, coaches, and facilitators, many of whom have had their own life changing breakdowns. 


  • Distress is a key to success - Listen to your struggle rather than suppress it. Acknowledge your pain and, at the same time, be curious for underlying insights.

  • Storytelling is activism -  Share your personal story to challenge existing cultural norms. 

  • Breaking down is wisdom waking up - Learn tools that help you benefit from your unique experiences, rather than falling victim to them. 

  • The personal is global -  breakdowns hold wisdom for both you and and the world. 

Join the program

(1) Read the program description

Scroll down to get an overview of the break down wake up program including the major phases of the program and what you'll learn in each phase. 

(2) Choose a breakdown to focus on

You may be going through a breakdown now or you may want to explore an event in the past. Your breakdown can be BIG or SMALL, last 10 years or 2 days. It's personal and unique to you. 

(3) Ready, set, apply!

The break down wake up program is not for everyone. It requires your commitment to your own self discovery and your willingness to try on new practices and see your life in a new way. 

"It's never too late to wake up."

-wise woman


Week 1 - 3: Foundational practices 

  • Learn meditation and embodiment practices to de-escalate stress and down regulate your system.

  • Get inspired from famous leaders who had their own awakenings when things were breaking down.

  • Understand how your personal struggles relate to universal core vulnerabilities. 

  • Learn how to, in periods of distress, discover what you need. Understand the relation between energy and emotion.

Week 4 & 5: Relational wisdom 

  • Use conflict and polarity as tools for self discovery.

  • Learn how to get unstuck in relationships patterns.

  • Create personal boundaries as a foundation for compassion. 

  • Practice peer coaching, the power of listening and mirroring. 

  • Relate your personal story to larger social themes and problems in the world. 

  • Better understand global energies, global fears, and global messages. 

Week 6 & 7: Diving into the unknown

  • Learn to look for answers in places where you least expect

  • Reframe the problem as a key to the solution 

  • Use myth and symbolism to discover even deeper meaning.  

  • Learn the law of energy: what you suppress only grows stronger. 

  • Experiment with small steps. 

Week 8 - 10: Turning wisdom into a tangible project

  • Build your story from wisdom gathered. 

  • Select a creative format for your project.

  • Learn to ask for input,  feedback, and help. 

  • Launch your project into the world. 

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