Promote workplace resilience

through inspiring stories

from your people

In times of global disruption, we need more than ever to feel hope, connection, and empathy.


What if the wisdom that can carry us through this collective struggle came directly from your people who’ve been through emotional challenges themselves?

We’re helping organizations cultivate psychological safety, emotional intelligence and a culture of learning through powerfully vulnerable storytelling events featuring real stories and wisdom coming from your people.

Introducing: Break Down. Wake Up. talks

Hint: Imagine if Brene Brown hosted a FuckUp night...

Your leaders will share the lessons they've learned in some of their most challenging life experiences.

Then, the audience will apply these lessons to their lives and have an opportunity to share their own challenging life experiences in intimate conversations.

Along the way, we'll showcase how common it is to experience emotional distress and how powerful it can be in developing resilience. 

When we share these lessons with each other, we feel more connected with each other, more empowered to walk through the struggle, and more empathy towards ourselves and the people in our lives who are experiencing distress.

How it works


  • 3-4 speakers within your organization share stories of their own emotional struggles and lessons they’ve learned from these experiences
  • We connect the themes that came up in the stories to larger organizational and global topics
  • Attendees have an opportunity to share what hit home and their experiences in small groups

What’s Included


  • A fun intro talk to enhance empathy and empowerment
  • Speakers coaching and support resources for storytelling
  • Curation of speaker stories and presentations
  • Moderation introducing speakers and guiding Q&A
  • Design materials for your internal communications

Next Steps


Set up a quick exploration call to tell us what you want to achieve and share your questions.

If it is a fit, we’ll co-create a unique event for your organization and support you along the way.

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Hey, I'm Meg Mateer.

I am a former management consultant turned organizational psychologist and social entrepreneur.  

One of my biggest life teachers was my experience of depression. I'm now on a mission to help people discover the world changing wisdom within their distress.

Many of the most interesting innovative thinkers and leaders are the ones who have embraced their distress and used it to share their truth, start new projects, and transform their connections.

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