Hear how these maverick leaders discovered the wisdom within their distress.


Anton Hyginus

Entrepreneur, Musician, Strategist

“It was pretty dramatic how drastically things shifted for me specifically in relation to my intention.The framework that Meg provides is very useful to identify things that you are doing unconsciously and move that into your conscious center so you can be more mindful of decisions you’re making when otherwise it might seem like you're on autopilot. I also really enjoyed hearing perspectives from people that were from different parts of the world and just realizing that there is so much commonality between us all.”   

Elena Steen


“This program has truly taught me to be compassionate with all sides of myself and stay present and curious in my discomfort - I am now more connected with my inner compass and can make decisions from clarity and peace of mind towards what I love. It has helped me gain confidence in taking action and believe I can make an impact in my passions for helping people and conserving the environment.”


Alexa Lightner

Customer Success Director

“It's been an incredibly powerful process working with Meg. I have so much more direction and so much more compassion for myself. A bit part of Meg’s work is about helping you confront the things in your life that you may feel are holding you back or not serving you, but instead of just trying to cut them off and kill those parts of you, you really start to understand and empathize what they’re doing, how they’re serving you and open up parts of yourself that you didn’t necessarily know existed.” 

Marta Szulc

Social Impact Leader

“It’s an amazing journey that really helps you to, instead of being afraid of the breakdown and distress, to befriend it. You don't have to be afraid anymore, you don’t have to think ‘I don’t want to feel this way, I don’t want to be unhappy, I don’t want to be distressed’. It is rather helping you to listen and to really hear what your distress is telling you. For me this program helped me to see and hear different things and it definitely helped me on my own healing journey.” 



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